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Freight-free logistics service, customized for your webshop!

Efficient logistics solution for your webshop

Our logistics solutions for webshops

Logistics solutions

We are aware of the logistic challanges in e-commerce, not just for parcels.

BIG&Bulky has everything you need to ensure that your packages arrive safely and on time! Whether it’s professional storage of oversized products for your online shop or handling orders and deliveries.

Exactly these burdens we take off the shoulders of your online store, saving you a considerable amount of money in the long-term, while you only have to worry about what’s crucial. Leave the logistics to us!

Why Big&Bulky is the ideal webshop logistics partner for you?


of satisfied customers in the European e-commerce market,

15+ years

of experience in courier logistics and e-commerce


Customer guarantee of satisfaction,

Customized offer for your company,

IT support

Automated IT solutions,

webshop integration

Unique webshop integrations,

Futár flotta

With our own courier fleet,


Continuously updated stock information,


Storage, assembly and delivery of bulky and special packages

Customized to your webshop needs!

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Specialised for big & bulky packages

What can you rely on us for?

Logistics services

Automated IT solutions

International transport

Receiving shipments into the warehouse with barcode identification

Pallet and block storage according to the type of cargo

Continuous monitoring of stock information

Order picking

Label printing

Dispatch of products

Home delivery

Collect package service

Upstairs delivery


Return handling

Customer service

How does it work?

How does our fulfilment service work?

Identification of product range by unique barcode

Transfer of a delivery note

Receipt and control of products

Stock allocation





Premium services

Collect-package settlement

Customized to your webshop needs!

When is our high-volume fulfilment service the perfect solution?

If your company is one of them, contact us and ask for a quotation for our fulfilment service, and we will provide you with a personalised, customized logistics solution.

❌ If the number of orders to your webshop is not consistent

😫 If you have a shortage of staff, time or capacity

😪 If you lack infrastructure or storage facilities

✅ If you are selling in Hungary or would expand

✅ If you are looking for a courier service to deliver bulky, multi-item and special packages

✅ If you want to keep logistics and shipping under one roof

Freight-free logistics and secure parcel delivery, guaranteed customer satisfaction!

Specialising in bulky packages!

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